“Synchronicity! This original artwork reflects an amazing piece of personal & magical history. It is now finally framed & displayed alongside another significant milestone in my career… the 2014 Gold “MO’ Award for Australian Entertainer of the Year.

These two illustrations were published in in the book ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t!.’… It was the first book I purchased about magic way back in 1982 from the Magic & Fun Shop in Brisbane (which I also later bought). It was directly responsible for kick starting my journey into this crazy world of show business.”

Phil Cass

“I love it! Your illustrations really helped me get my start in magic. I’m so proud to be able to hang this on my wall.”

Doug McKenzie

“[Magic book] ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t!’ was well-written and the choice of sleights was well-curated, to Bill Tarr’s credit. But my library has many books of equal and greater literary quality from the mid 19th Century to the present. The one unique thing about that book was your artwork. There are many magic books with step-by-step illustrations, but the way you did it, seems to account for timing and spacial relationships! Every magician who loved the book, ALWAYS comments on the illustrations and how they made magic easy to learn.”

Levent Cimkentli

“You’ve no doubt heard from countless magicians, professional and amateur alike, how important these illustrations were to us in formative years. I was 11 years old when I purchased ‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t!’ and spent countless happy hours over many years mastering the contents. It is still one of the three books I recommend as best for beginning magicians when asked.

Your work on this project meant the world to me as an aspiring sleight of hand artist. As a happy full time professional 40 years later, it will now hang in a prominent place in our home. I am thrilled. Thank you.”

Eric Mead

“The book is high on my list of recommended books for my students, so I was pleased to be able to buy a couple of pieces of history! I have a lot of magic art in my museum/collection/theater and will be proud to display these there.”

Marc DeSouza

“As a kid, I grew up on an army base in Europe. NYSINYD was on of the few magic books I owned in English that we had brought with us from the US. One of my links back to America, I spent much time alone flipping through the pages of your illustrations to pass the time and learn the craft before I started ordering additional books through the mail. I still have my original copy and am looking forward to hanging this artwork in my office in NJ to remind me of those days. Thank you!”

Cory Shull

“Your art was a very important part of my growth and interest in magic. It will have a special place in my home and heart.”

Shawn Farquhar

“’Now You See it, Now You Don’t!’ was my very first magic book and I still feel that it is the very best “first magic book” that has ever existed. The main difference from other magic books was quite obvious. Your drawings. To actually own one of your original drawings from the book is a thrill and is quite meaningful in the context of my chosen life as a magician.”

Jeff Edmonds

“‘Now You See It, Now You Don’t!’ was a seminal book in my life due to your illustrations. I am maybe a little too committed to the impact your work had on me…

For magicians of a generation I’m always prompted to roll up my sleeve as they usually only see the vanish point and I love seeing the smile of recognition come to their face as they realize what they are seeing. Explaining that the hidden ball in the palm is visible in UV light is the icing. The UV picture I sent you was a from a magician at Magic Live! two years ago where head had a UV pen light.

Besides magicians, many tattoo artists have commented on the “great movement of the piece”.

Bill Hensler